Sheet Mask Variety Kit

Sheet Mask Variety Kit

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Our sheet mask kits are a fun way to sample different sheet masks that provide hydration, anti-aging, and pore clearing benefits. Select from a variety of 10 sheet masks and 5 minis of Aquareveal exfoliating gels or 5 sheet masks and 2 minis of Aquareveal exfoliating gel.

This is truly the box for sheet masking enthusiasts!


  1. Apieu Strawberry Yogurt Mask

  2. Apieu Vitamin C80 Mask

  3. Leaders Snail Therapy Mask

  4. JayJun Anti-Dust 3-Step Mask

  5. Mediheal Bird’s Nest Mask

  6. Mediheal Horse Oil Mask

  7. Vita Genic Relaxing Jelly Mask

  8. Dewy Tree Oilless Mask

  9. COSRX Original Clear Kit 3-Step Mask

  10. Elensilia Escargot + Caviar Mask

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